The best ways to shop men’s vintage online

Vintage clothing is a huge trend and one that seems to be getting more popular by the day. Not only does it enable you to own an item of clothing that no one else can get their hands on but also it helps to save the unneeded disposal of clothing that still has plenty of life left in it. Let’s look at how you can save on waste and find a unique vintage bargain online.

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Dedicated vintage sites

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There are plenty of retro clothes shops online that deal specifically in used clothing. A quick search will bring up a wealth of shops with a great vintage collection, taking you down the retro rabbit hole with ease. Sites such as Atika have an impressive selection, as does the charity Oxfam, which has a dedicated vintage section.

Mix it up

One issue that many men have when it comes to vintage is finding clothing that will match. Whilst searching for used clothing is a great help to combat the millions of items being thrown out each year, you don’t have to stick to a vintage ensemble.

It may be difficult to find preloved items to match, particularly when shopping online, so finding staple pieces of clothing that can work with multiple outfits is a must. Items such as Farah shirts, which are available from stockists such as, can be a great addition to your vintage suit, so don’t be afraid to mix it up.

Look closer to home

Many venues around the country host pop-up shops that attract visitors searching for a vintage bargain. These are often advertised online to attract a target audience, so keep an eye on local websites. Whilst some of them will price items individually, others allow buyers to purchase items by weight. This may not be ideal for those looking for a perfect suit; however, if you love retro sportswear, you could quite easily pick up several T-shirts for a bargain price.

Another local option for finding retro wear is buy and sell sites. There are many local groups on social media with sellers looking to offload their clothing to someone who can collect, saving them the hassle of posting. There can be an awful lot of unwearable items, but stick with it and you could come across a rare find.

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